how to make bike seats more comfortable

How to Make Bike Seats More Comfortable? 7 Tips from a Pro Cyclist

Many of my clients are usually disappointed with the seat they get when they purchase a bike, and I even don’t remember that how many of them asked me this question about how to make bike seats more comfortable.

Whether it is a mountain bike, an electric bike, or even an exercise bike like a peloton, most of the users are uncomfortable with the seat they get with it, and this is because not everyone has the same posture and way of sitting on it.

But still, the question remains is that how to make bike seats more comfortable? Should I buy a new bike cushion? or should I change my bike saddle? Well, it’s not usually a better solution to change the seat entirely you might end up with the same situation again with the new one.

So, for all these doubts you will find the answer in this article so let’s get started with it.

How to Make Bike Seats More Comfortable

You will be amazed after reading through all the solutions given here, that how easy the solution is to make your bike seats comfortable.

The methods I mentioned in this guide are applicable for:

  • Any outdoor bikes such as hybrid bikes, mtbs, road bikes, etc.
  • Any indoor bikes such as exercise bikes like Peloton bikes.

So let’s go through the solutions.

Check Your Saddle Angle

Sometimes it’s possible that your saddle angle might get shifted to one side somehow and due to this, you are feeling uncomfortable on your bike.

If you see some difference in your saddle angle, just make it right or take it to some local cycle shop and ask them to check and set it properly and tightly so that it doesn’t happen again.

Properly Sit on Saddle

This is the most common issue I found with many new cyclists, that their posture isn’t correct when they sit on the bike, and they curse their saddle for not being comfortable.

It’s not correct to sit upfront and resting your total body weight on the saddle. You need to sit at an angle that you are distributing your weight on both saddle and handlebars in a 70% and 30% ratio, also keep your back straight and not in a u-shaped condition while riding your bike.

Adjust your HandleBars

If you are having pain in your neck, then it’s mostly due to the higher handlebars, and if you are having pain in your back then it’s mostly due to the lower handlebars. It’s important to set the handlebars as per your body size so that your body is always in the posture while riding.

If you didn’t adjust your handlebars properly that you might experience a lot of pain and even get saddle sores if ignored for a longer time, so it’s important to adjust them.

Your handlebars should be at least slightly higher than your seat and shouldn’t be on the same level as your seat to get a comfortable riding experience.

Check The Tires

Most people don’t know how to check the pressure in their bike tires and due to this they end up riding their bikes at low pressure, this not only makes it harder to paddle but also makes your ride discomfortable.

So it’s important that you check for your tires pressure and also put air in your tires whenever there is a requirement.

Just Stand Up

If you are going up on down the hill, then just stand up. You don’t need to sit and ride on the bike if your terrain is not plain. It will cause more issues and discomfort. So it’s advisable to stand up a bit on your bike while paddling the bike.

You will feel no discomfort, this is most common among the riders and is a great tactic if you are riding a mountain bike or any other bike.

Overweight? Lose Some Weight

Are you overweight? if yes, then your saddle is not the problem, you are having these issues due to your weight. It might sound harsh, but the pain in your butt is due to the pressure of your body weight and for this, the best solution is to start losing some weight.

But what if you bought the bike to reduce your weight? So in this case, there are specially built saddles for overweight people which might help you. They might not be 100% comfortable but they will surely provide you with some relief.

Check the 5 saddles I mention below for overweight people:

how to make bike seats more comfortableYLG Oversized Comfort Bike SeatCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableSunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser SaddleCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableGiddy Up! Bike SeatCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableXmifer Oversized Bike SeatCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortablePuroma Comfort Bike SeatCheck Price →

Some other saddles for peloton or any other exercise bikes:

how to make bike seats more comfortableBikeroo Oversized Bike SeatCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableBikeroo Bike Seat CushionCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableBikeroo Comfortable Bike Seat for SeniorsCheck Price →

Replace Bike Saddle

If after trying all the methods I mentioned above you are not comfortable with your seat, then know I will suggest you change it. But remember to buy only the branded seat otherwise you might again end up in the same situation.

I am mentioning the best 7 comfortable saddles which are compatible with any bike maybe its mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, or any other outdoor bike.

how to make bike seats more comfortableWittkop Bike SeatCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableDomain Cycling Premium Bike Gel SeatCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableIPOW Comfort Bike Seat for Women or MenCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableSchwinn Comfort Bike SeatCheck Price →
how to make bike seats more comfortableZacro Gel Bike SeatCheck Price →

Related Questions

Why are bike seats so uncomfortable?

If you are uncomfortable with your bike seat, then it might be due to improper alignment of your saddle, or due to the higher seat alignment. Usually, the bikes come with comfortable seats if you bought a branded bike. Even most mountain bikes are made with comfortable seats.

Should bike seats be higher than handlebars?

No, as a general rule your handlebars should be higher (as higher as possible) than your seat unless you are on a sports or racing bike, it there cases they are built to provide you with the speed so they are made almost equal or their seat is a little bit lower than the handlebars.

How do I know if my saddle is too high?

If you are having difficulty while paddling your cycle, and if your both legs are not touching the ground properly when rested on the bike, then your saddle is too high and this might also cause strain in your legs muscles.

Does bike size really matter?

Yes, bike size matters if you need a comfortable ride. Too large bikes or short bikes may cause discomfort while riding. Check this bike size chart if you are having discomfort.


So I hope you have a comfortable bike seat now, and you are happy with it. I know some of the steps I mentioned above in this post are quite extreme but it’s important if you need a comfortable bike ride.

If you have any other such doubts, I would be happy to answer them just contact me and I will write an article about it 😃

but until then…

Happy cycling!

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